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Sweet Dreams

Sweet DreamsPosted: Sep 17, 2019

Fly fishing. Singular men, clad in shades of beige, stalking the riverbank. Suspenders and funny hats and deeply-lined foreheads from summers spent with the identical look of concentration on their faces. 

Tags: Fernie BC, fly fishing, Outdoors

Polly’s Picky Eating Predicament

Polly’s Picky Eating PredicamentPosted: Sep 14, 2019

Picky eaters in the house can be a constant frustration and worry for parents. Here’s a strategy to help your youngsters develop healthy relationships with food and take some of the stress off mom and dad’s shoulders.

Tags: family, health, Fernie BC

What Does Griz Do During the Summer Story Writing Contest

What Does Griz Do During the Summer Story Writing ContestPosted: Jan 17, 2019

Storytelling is an ancient artform we continue to use today. Everyone has a bit of storytelling in them. The Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy (CBAL) is running a contest for the 2019 Griz Days. The hope is to draw out the storytelling skills of the children and youth of the Elk Valley as they share their ideas of what the Griz does during the summer.

Legend has it, the Griz is a tall man with shoulders six feet wide.  

Tags: Griz Days, Kids, Fernie BC, contests

Adding a Platform

Adding a PlatformPosted: Jan 10, 2019

New year, new you – right? This is the time of year you should really take a moment to reflect on your own social media presence.

Tags: Business, Fernie BC, social media

The Hobbyist

The HobbyistPosted: Jan 09, 2019

A banker and a war veteran, John Harold Thomas Snow's secret desire was to make art.

Tags: arts, Culture, Fernie BC

Morgan Pulsifer

Morgan PulsiferPosted: Jan 09, 2019

Throughout the election this past October, we got to learn more about each candidate. But there was still so much we wanted to learn about the young man who stood up to take on an important role in our community.

Tags: City of Fernie, Fernie BC, Morgan Pulsifer, community

Buff Stuff

Buff StuffPosted: Jan 07, 2019

So, let’s get to it. Start squeezing those buns on the regular and bring your body to a place of balance.

Tags: health, fitness, Exercise, Fernie BC

Meet the MAST Program

Meet the MAST ProgramPosted: Jan 06, 2019

The MAST program surrounds you with like-minded people with a variety of skills and vastly different experiences. Get to know them!

Tags: College of The Rockies, Outdoors, Fernie BC, MAST

Needs, Values, and Expectations

Needs, Values, and ExpectationsPosted: Jan 06, 2019

The first thirty days of this local government, on your behalf, have been a steep learning curve. The vertical wall of learning so far has included; appreciating the health and condition of our municipal assets, our current infrastructure deficit, the amount of water loss we experience due to ageing infrastructure, upgrades needed in our sewer lagoons, a public works building condemned, a public engagement framework trying to gain support, setting service levels, solid waste management, and of course - snow removal. These are just a few of the issues on our radar.

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January 2019 Astrology

January 2019 AstrologyPosted: Jan 05, 2019

Change and Opportunity mark the major themes after three years of legitimate stagnated energy. Mars, the planet that rules drive and motivation moves into the very beginning of Aries as the month begins. Things will be done with a quick, large, impulsive, and pioneering energy.

This month also contains a partial solar eclipse and a total lunar eclipse which also occurs over the full moon. Eclipse energy propels a domino effect helping move your life over the next sixth months and truly, throughout the year. January 2019 is TRULY a new year.

Tags: Astrology, horoscopes, Fernie BC

Japanese Cuisine to Make Your Own with Cam Carr

Japanese Cuisine to Make Your Own with Cam CarrPosted: Jan 05, 2019

Each month we celebrate Fernie’s amazing food scene by challenging a local pro to create a five-ingredient recipe with delicious–and revealing–results.

Tags: Yamagoya, Food, Fernie BC, dining

January 2019 New Business

January 2019 New BusinessPosted: Jan 04, 2019

The Old Elevator Chinese Restaurant and McKenzie Jespersen Photography are now open for business in Fernie.

Tags: Business, Fernie BC, McKenzie Jespersen Photography, Old Elevator Restaurant

Alex Hanson

Alex HansonPosted: Jan 04, 2019

With each audio/visual experiment he learns more about the process, about himself, and the world around him.

Tags: Alex Hanson, arts, photography, Fernie BC

Students “Do and Learn” In Their Wild Backyards

Students “Do and Learn” In Their Wild BackyardsPosted: Jan 04, 2019

With patches of snow on the ground, it’s a day for jackets and hoods up to protect ears from the cold.

Tags: Columbia Basin Trust, community, children, wildsight

Plant Powered

Plant PoweredPosted: Jan 03, 2019

A vegan diet, which means abstaining from consuming animal products, so the only thing vegans eat is garden salad, right? This is far from true.

Tags: health, wellness, Food, Fernie BC

Awakening to Winter

Awakening to WinterPosted: Jan 02, 2019

As winter white begins to fall many communities take on a slower pace, settling into a schedule based around shorter days, colder weather, homework, and planning for the festive season. All of these things happen in Fernie but it’s far from a quiet time. 

Tags: winter, Fernie BC, family fun, Fernie Alpine Resort, City of Fernie, Fernie Ghostriders

The January Streak

The January StreakPosted: Jan 01, 2019

#FernieStreak / Fer•nie•Streak / verb

Nordic Ski, Bike, Run or Hike, outside, for a minimum of 30 minutes, every day, for the entire month of January. Clothes optional, but highly recommended.

How does one streak? Simply fill in your daily dose below, join the January 2019. #FernieStreak

Tags: Fernie Mountain Bike Club, Stag Leap, Fernie Nordic Society, Fernie BC, health, fitness, Fernie Trails Alliance

All About the Squat

All About the SquatPosted: Dec 18, 2018

Naked squats. One hundred naked squats. Do I have your attention? Fun fact, back before I had a toddler waking me up in the wee hours of the morning, I used to roll out of bed and do this. 

Tags: health, fitness, Fernie BC

Jack Ryan

Jack RyanPosted: Dec 18, 2018

Hollywood seems to have a very difficult time making films and television programs which analyze and criticize the military industrial complex. Does this one make the cut?

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