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Ultra Running

Ultra RunningPosted: Jul 10, 2018

There’s nothing much more curious to many than the desire to run. Up mountains or down mountains, early in the morning or through the night, in the scorching heat or in a torrential downpour.

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Paddle Boarding

Paddle BoardingPosted: Jul 08, 2018

To no surprise, from June through September I never take a lot of time to slow down, another new hike or trail beckoning me, another Wapiti Music Festival echoing off Fernie Mountain through town, pulling me in with its ever-epic lineup. Until recently, when I discovered an adventurous activity that forces me to relax—paddle boarding.

Tags: paddle boarding, summer, Fernie BC

Fernie’s Newest Hiking Trail

Fernie’s Newest Hiking TrailPosted: Jul 07, 2018

Are your curious about hiking and where to take in the some of the best views in Fernie? A great option is Fernie’s newest trail found at Island Lake Lodge.

Tags: Island Lake Lodge, Fernie BC, hiking, Goldilocks

Take a Dip

Take a DipPosted: Jul 05, 2018

When the sun stays up late, and going barefoot is the walk of life. When an afternoon bevy turns into an evening beer, turns into a late night dance and a bike ride home, with the warm breeze flickering between my hair. Summer is the best time of year.

Tags: Fernie BC, elk river, Lizard Lake

Curiosity or Compulsion?

Curiosity or Compulsion?Posted: Jul 05, 2018

We as humans have an innate desire to surround ourselves with beauty, and whether we do it consciously or not, we each form our own often strong ideas about what we like and what we don’t like when it comes to the kind of beauty we surround ourselves with.

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Mike Kelly

Mike KellyPosted: Jul 04, 2018

Mike Kelly is the new VP at FSS, and the individual who thought working on the trails would be a great opportunity for this class.

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July 2018 Business News

July 2018 Business NewsPosted: Jul 03, 2018

The Curry Bowl's new summer menu items, East Kootenay HypnoBirthing prenatal education course, Thunder Meadows welcomes Marlaina Meinzinger, enjoy a beer on tap at Infinitea and Mountain View Dental Centre welcomes their newest member.

Tags: business, Fernie BC, The Curry Bowl, East Kootenay HypnoBirthing, Thunder Meadows Massage

Summer Patios

Summer PatiosPosted: Jul 03, 2018

There is something so satisfying about basking in the sun at your favourite restaurant, perhaps because we know there is only a limited time to take advantage of it.

Tags: foodie, Fernie BC, dining

Mimi Sahlstrom

Mimi SahlstromPosted: Jul 01, 2018

Like most visual artists, painting is something that she more or less has always done. She was happy to discover acrylic paints over oils though.

New Mountain Bike Race Held in Fernie August, 2018

New Mountain Bike Race Held in Fernie August, 2018Posted: Jun 29, 2018

Racing bikes has been a huge part of Tom Gibson's life for as long as he can remember.

Tags: Fernie Mountain Bike Club, Fernie Biking, Mountain Bike Race, Battle of the Border

Delyea Art

Delyea ArtPosted: Jun 21, 2018

My husband Harman and I see the Canadian Rocky Mountains as our main inspiration for Harman’s landscape and wildlife paintings and my landscape, abstract, impressionist and floral stained-glass mosaics. 

Tags: art, Fernie BC

What Do You Want to Do?

What Do You Want to Do?

What do you want to do? But, seriously, any thoughts? Okay. Good. Now, grab a piece of paper and WRITE THEM DOWN!

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Goals Oriented

Goals Oriented

Discoveries to empower your next quest.

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Farmers' Market Nutrition Coupon Program Gets $100,000 Boost

Farmers' Market Nutrition Coupon Program Gets $100,000 Boost

Columbia Basin residents, local farmers and local farmers’ markets will all benefit from $100,000 for the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets (BCAFM) Nutrition Coupon Program.

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Iconic Trails of Fernie

Iconic Trails of Fernie

Despite living here for a decade, Jeff still has some trails to explore. Check out his Fernie bucket list!

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The Currency of Art

The Currency of Art

There are many kinds of currency at play in our lives. Money is the easiest to understand, but recognition, good feelings, and learning opportunities are just some of the other currencies that influence how we evaluate our worth in the context of our community.

Submitted 1 week 20 hours ago by Michael Hepher.In: Art and EntertainmentFernie BC, art, Michael Hepher

Sarah-Jane Nelson

Sarah-Jane Nelson

Cannabis. It has been a bit of an uphill battle, even with legalization. That's where SJ comes in. Sakari offers Medical Cannabis Access Support services.

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Delyea Art

Delyea Art

With the Canadian Rocky Mountains as the main inspiration for Harman’s landscape and wildlife paintings and my landscape, abstract, impressionist and floral stained-glass mosaics.

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Proctor Mountain

Proctor Mountain

Jesse's bucket list is made of mountains. But never Mount Proctor.

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Get Involved: Wednesday Concert Series

Get Involved: Wednesday Concert Series

The Wednesday Concert Series, or Wednesday Socials as they are known locally, happen every Wednesday throughout July and August, popping up in Station Square as a free, community concert. 

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