Programs & Lessons

The club has two programs offered by volunteer coaches. All coaches have received the standardized training through our provincial cross-country ski organization CrosscountryBC.

The Skill Development Program (SDP) is for young skiers and is designed to show them the basic skiing skills. The program offers a progressive scale of lessons that are both fun and challenging for the skiers. Weekly lessons are on Saturday mornings during the season. Ski equipment is available for rental.

Lessons for Adults is the other program aimed at improving the skills of adult skiers who want to progress beyond the basic level. Lessons may be set for both skiing techniques, classical and skate ski. These lessons are not set on a schedule. Follow the link below for details.

The cost of the lessons and ski rentals for the young skiers is kept low to make it easier to get into this great winter activity. Good communications between our volunteers and the members is a priority. We use email lists to spread our messages through subscription.

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