Inclement Weather Protocol

This policy PDF is available for download.

This policy provides guidance regarding the Fernie Nordic Society’s operations, including our Ambassador Program which supports the opening & closing of the Elk Valley Nordic Centre (EVNC) warming hut, grooming program, events & our Skill Development Program (SDP) during inclement weather. The policy does not apply to recreational skiers who are advised to “ski at their own risk”. However some services may not be provided during some weather conditions.

FNS reserves the right to close the EVNC and Fernie Golf Club trails, including the EVNC warming hut; this may happen at any time due to excessive rain events, wind events, lightning, cold and any other extreme weather phenomenon. The Ambassador Program that operates the EVNC warming hut will only be operated at temperatures of -20C or warmer. SDP & events will be cancelled at temperatures below -15C.

The volunteer run ambassador program may be operated at temperatures of -20C or warmer. The persons responsible for making this call are Mike DeJong & FNS board of directors; specifically Jane Stevens, club secretary & lead of the program. If temperatures are colder than -20C, **the warming hut will not be opened** and a fire will not be laid.

The grooming equipment may operate at temperatures of -20C or warmer. The person responsible for making this call is Mike DeJong & FNS board of directors. Volunteer groomers are asked to stay very close to the EVNC warming hut on cold days. If the temperatures are colder than -20C, the grooming equipment will not operate for the safety of the volunteers.

SDP (Events will observe the SDP guidelines) will be cancelled at temperatures below -15C as measured/estimated at or before noon on Tuesday & Thursday & the night before or early morning on Saturday at the EVNC. FNS grooming & operations director Mike DeJong; alternatively, the FNS board of directors, is responsible determining if the lessons need to be cancelled and for informing FNS Administrator, Alisha Rella, of the decision. Alisha Rella is responsible for informing the SDP coaches & SDP families via email & social media if the session has been cancelled. SDP coaches should consider the following safety measures when skiing with young children during cold days (temperatures below –10C).

  • If children are inappropriately dressed they should be excused from the session and their parent should be notified.
  • Inform skiers and parents that a hat should be worn at all times. Ensure ears are covered to avoid frostbite.
  • Bring children inside when they say they are cold.
  • Choose areas that are protected from the wind and avoid activities in open areas.
  • Keep the young children close to the Warming Hut in the event that someone does get cold.
  • Allow additional time to warm-up; it takes longer to get the body warmed-up for sport activity in cold weather.
  • If in doubt cut the session short.