Become a Volunteer!


Our activities are only possible because of the involvement of our many volunteers. Volunteers are always welcome for activities happening at different times of the year. One may help for a specific activity once or a few times during the season, or she/he may take over an activity spanning the entire season. It all depends on each person’s interest and her/his desired level of involvement.

Please note that each volunteer should also be a club member.

If you are interested in helping out, just drop us a line through the Contact Us page of this website. You may also indicate your preference at the time you renew your club membership online.

Yes, I want to volunteer!

Check out the available options here and choose a seasonal task or a single one according to your preferences. We thank you for your interest.


  • Volunteer Coach
  • Trail Ambassador
  • Fundraiser Leader
  • Gear Manager
  • Website Manager
  • Master Den Parent
  • Events Coordinator
  • Bookkeeper
  • Director-at-Large

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Single Opportunities

  • Junior Reporter/Writer
  • Trail Maintenance
  • Work Party
  • Signage Artiste
  • Gear Distribution Helper
  • Inventory Helper
  • Saturday Lessons Helper
  • Events Helper

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