Let’s play a game on the trails


All young skiers! Here is a fun challenge to do during the month of January

How to do it


There are 8 checkpoints throughout the trails of the Nordic Centre, each with an animal.  Find the checkpoint and write down the animal on the answer sheet. Send a photo of your answer sheet with contact information to fernienordic@gmail.com to enter for a draw prize.
Hint: all of the checkpoints are on this side of the bridge

Draw will take place 1st week of February.

Print or download the blank answer sheet below

answer sheet

Skiing under the moonlight

full moon ski

This month’s full moon was on December 29th. Unfortunately the evening sky was cloudy on that night but the trails were firm and not icy. Several skiers took this opportunity this week to go to the golf course and the Nordic Centre in the evenings to give this a try.

The sky was clear and the moon shined brightly on Monday evening so a headlamp was not even necessary at the Nordic Centre. Here are a few photos.

The next full moons will be on Jan 28, Feb 27 and March 28. Mark your calendar and let’s hope for clear skies.

Fernie welcomes you

Fernie welcomes you

All winter, storms stream off the North Pacific. On the eastern edge of the Canadian Rockies, the storms stall, dropping metre after metre of snow before moving onto the plains. Fernie, BC sits in the middle of the infamous “stall zone”. There’s a 20 cm rule in Fernie: when the barometer falls and we receive 20cm (8 inches) of snow or more overnight, the meeting moves to the mountain – maybe Timber Chair or the Boomerang Chair. Locals are more likely to meet their neighbour skiing the face of the Bear than walking down Victoria Avenue. Even Ski Canada Magazine recognizes this, voting and awarding Fernie as the Best Ski town, with the Best Powder and the Best Deck Party. Accolades from a voice of experience.

Who’s looking at Fernie?

The National Geographic Society has Fernie in its list of the 2014 World’s Best Ski Towns. Read about it here. And previously Fernie won an award by being named the 2012 Best Ski Resort in North America at the prestigious World Snow Awards. Link to a recent article in the local paper The Free Press.

The National Geographic Society is featuring Fernie and the Fernie Nordic Society on one of its websites www.crownofthecontinent.natgeotourism.com  This website explores the Alberta-BC-Montana mountain region and many of its natural attractions. One page is dedicated to the Fernie Nordic Society. Browse the website at the same time.

Legendary Snow and More…

Founded over 100 years ago, Fernie is the hub of Southeastern BC. Initially coal mines attracted adventurers from around the globe. The Italians, British, Aussies and the French found a home in the Elk River valley holding Fernie. Today Fernie remains remarkably diverse. We still draw international travelers, but today Fernie Alpine Resort is as much of a draw as the coal mines. The common factor becomes an appreciation for the mountains, the activities and the strong attraction to the wide variety of local cultural events. Fernie’s Historic Downtown bustles with shops, galleries, bistros and restaurants.

The Arts Station hosts concerts and performances throughout the year. At night, skiers fill the streets hopping from bistro to bar, burning up the last energy of the day. Fernie truly has something to offer everyone, from adventure to community, come and discover what will keep you coming back to Fernie for more! For more information about Fernie, and to plan your vacation visit Tourism Fernie

Recent feedback from skiers

  • Thank you for the fantastic grooming!! ? by L.H. Apr 4, 2020
  • Incredible conditions. Thank you for such great grooming. by L.K. Apr 4, 2020
  • thank you for the awesome grooming! by J.D. Apr 4, 2020
  • Many thanks again for keeping the trails open and groomed. Skiing this week in new falling snow has been extra special. The waxing has been a challenge.  by M.P. Apr 4, 2020
  • Our family is so thankful for all you do, particularly during this bizarre time of COVID-19 distancing … We wish all of you the very best. by H.K Apr12, 2020
  • I wanted to thank you for a superb job in grooming the trails! I mainly use the Galloway.  by E.B. Apr 12, 2020
  • Thank you thank you for grooming, it has been amazing to be able to XC just to get some exercise in these crazy times! by A.C. Apr 19, 2020
  • Thanks for all the good work all year long. It is really nice to ski these days. I will keep skiing as long as there is grooming! by J.C. Apr 19, 2020

A sportive morning at the Nordic Centre

community kids sprint

Wonderful weather was on hand for the Community Fun Races and its participants last Saturday. The trails had just been groomed and the overcast sky cleared enough for the sun to peek out during the event.

The Hot Chocolate Run was underway by 10:45 as planned and twenty-nine kids crowded the start line, each with an adult as their partner. The kids stopped near the bridge for hot chocolate while the adults completed the Lizard Lookout and Cedar loops before returning to the hut with their young partner. It was all over in thirty minutes. A selection of prizes awaited the young ones at the finish line.

This was followed by a 12 km race done as a relay race or solo. Five relay teams drawn from available youth and adult participants plus ten solo skiers took part. Loud cheers from the crowd greeted the skiers at the end of each 3 km lap. The fastest participant completed the full course in a fast 42 minutes while others finished it in 73 minutes or less!

The event ended with ten 300 m sprints by groups of kids, youth or adults. This fast skiing by seventeen racers included a few falls but ended with smiles at the finish.

Sam and Johnny organized the event and many volunteers lended a hand at grooming, stadium preparation, food preparation, hot chocolate station and safety patrol. The young Fernie Racers helped in the kids races as well. More photos in our gallery page.

The Hot Chocolate Run starts
Skiers heading back
On the way to the finish
Finn skiing the 12 km
Coming in for a relay
One sprint
End of one sprint
Older kids in a sprint

2020 Fernie Community Fun Races

race poster
race poster

The Fernie Nordic Society is holding its 8th Annual Community Fun Race day on Saturday, February 22. All skiers are invited to participate, club members and non-members alike. The overall theme will be FUN and CHEERS for all.

There will be hot food available by donation – bring a bowl and a mug to help us go green(er).

The event will consist of three types of competitions:

  1. Hot Chocolate Run – Adult-Child duo Course length: 1 km for child and 3 km for adult PLANNED START at 10:45
  2. Relay races (random draw) or Solo race Course length: 3 km for each leg – total 12 km PLANNED START at 11:45
  3. Sprint races Course length: 300 m (kids) or 750 m (adults) to be repeated a few times PLANNED START at 12:45

WHEN – Saturday, February 22 from 10:30 am Please arrive by 10:00 to prepare for event

WHERE – Elk Valley Nordic Centre located 4 km SW from Fernie along highway 3. See map here.

AGE REQUIREMENT: None – all ages are welcome

Entry Fee: $0.00 or totally FREE for all participants

REGISTRATION – Online at Webscorer.com HERE or on the morning of event. One may participate in more than one event. Registration will be open until event start time.

Click here to register

PARKING Please use the lower parking lot. Parking is also available along the park road on the side of the entrance gate without blocking the gate. See our parking map.

COURSE MAP is available  HERE

Course map