Photo Albums

Photo Albums
2021-10-16 Work Party at the Nordic Centre
2021-10 The Mellow Mountain Rangers do it again!
2021 A Few Winter Highlights
2020-10-08 Firewood Splitting Work Party in COVID Time
2020-03-15 3rd Annual Fernie Flying Viking Challenge
2020-02-22 8th Annual Community Fun Races

All about our last Annual General Meeting

agm 2021

Over forty people came out in the sunshine for the Fernie Nordic Society Annual General Meeting on Sunday July 25th at 4 pm. It was a pleasure to be able to meet face to face once again after a year or more of meetings “by zoom”. Many thanks to all who attended. The minutes for the AGM and the Election of Officers are posted on the Fernie Nordic Society website.

Highlights of the meeting included:

  • the Directors’ Reports from “a season unlike any other” as we navigated our way through COVID policies and protocols lead by Jenn Heath.
  • our trails are our biggest asset and grooming them is our biggest challenge. Our contract groomer Mark and our team of volunteers led by Rick logged close to 600 hours of work to keep the trails in the best shape possible. We plan to increase the contract grooming for the 2021-2022 season to 6 – 8am, 7 days a week.
  • our membership doubled from the previous season to approximately 1600. Successful grant applications this season added approximately $44,000 in grant monies to our budget.
  • our toughest decision this winter was to cancel the SDP program. However, our kid sized gear was made available for rent to about 85 takers. We had a race program this year but no races to go to. Coach Jeff and the volunteer coaches focused on training, virtual races and time trials.
  • adult lessons were run by Tarah in smaller groups. With Tarah’s help we are hoping to grow and expand this program in the upcoming season.

There is an opportunity to join the Board this year as the Director of Programming. Please contact Megan at if you are interested in this position or would like more information. The board is transitioning to a strategic level with support from committees. We will be looking for volunteers for the grooming and race team committees.

Thank you once again to everyone who attended the AGM. We encourage you all buy your passes early for the next season. Follow the website at for up-to-date information.

Happy trails

Report by Jane Stevens

A Virtual Adventure in Fernie

canadian ski marathon fernie
canadian ski marathon fernie

Saturday February 6 will be the start of a virtual adventure for the many cross-country ski enthusiasts who have registered for the 55th edition of the Canadian Ski Marathonread the press release. This year, the Canadian Ski Marathon is being held exclusively in virtual mode and with more than 1,200 people registered to date. There is still time to register, as this year skiers can do so until the last day of the virtual event, March 7, 2021.

The Elk Valley Nordic Centre in Fernie has been picked as one of the recommended sites for the virtual event.

The organizing committee has created a virtual event that allows participants to meet their challenge close to home, allowing everyone to participate in our event, which is meant to be a celebration of winter. Despite the health restrictions,  with the financial support of our partners, skiers and all levels of government, we have worked hard to make this virtual event a reality and keep the legend alive.

Several options have been put in place to facilitate participation, improve the skier experience and make the event even more accessible to everyone.

Categories include distances of 15 km and up. Affordable registration fees apply. For more information, visit the official site at

Results of Flying Viking Challenge

flying viking 2020

Sunday March 15 was a perfect day to run the event. Three team members of Fernie Nordic Racers took part together with 34 adult skiers – 17 women and 17 men – how is this for equality? Everyone rushed from the start at 10:40 am to follow the course along the trails of the Nordic Centre and the Fernie Alpine Resort. A short chair lift ride was also included!

Five adult skiers completed two loops for a total of 50 km. The fastest 50K adult skiers were Naomi Lentz in 4:22 hours and Mike Bragg in 4:13 hours.
Thirty-two skiers did one loop of 25 km. The fastest 25K adult skiers were Virginia Robinson in 2:22 hours and Aaron Glover in 2:49 hours. In the Under 16 – 25K category, Wes Robinson-Shaw was the fastest with 2:20 hours. Click the icon below for the full results.

Click here for results

Photos of the event are posted on our page here.

A big Thank You! to the event organizer Sam Sedlowsky who was also participating in the 25 km category. Volunteers were on hand at a food station at the ski hill and at the warming hut where there was more hot food, snacks and beverages for the skiers. Fancy wooden medals and prizes were waiting for participants at the finish. Thank you also to our generous sponsors of this event: RCR, GearHub, Heaven Boutique, Elevation Showcase and the City of Fernie.

The Fernie Flying Viking Challenge on March 15

fernie viking challenge

Important Change: The event has been rescheduled to Sunday March 15 at 10:30 am. Registration now closes at 3 pm on Saturday, March 14. The event returns to Fernie for the third time. It takes place on Sunday morning March 15, 2020 at the Elk Valley Nordic Centre. The start time is set for 10:30 am. Looking for a challenge? This is the one, a long one but very casual. Excellent prizes, ride(s) on the Deer chair, a lot of yummy food and drinks. Prizes will be awarded for best costume and then as door prizes! You have the option to do either the full 50 km yourself (2 loops to the ski hill trails and back) or you can choose to do a single loop of 25 km. More details on our event page HERE

Click here to register

The Snow•to•Ice(cream) challenge at Griz Days 2020

The Snow•to•Ice(cream) challenge at Griz Days 2020

The popular spring time event is back for its third annual edition! It is open to anyone club members and non-members alike.

We have placed four (4) sign posts in different locations on the trails around town. Prove you’ve completed each leg by taking a selfie at each of the four SNOW TO ICE signs within 72 hours! Bonus prize entries for multisport use! The Fernie Nordic Society trails will be free for non-members on Friday March 6, Saturday and Sunday March 8 to 7 pm. Join us at the Griz Days Full Moon ski at the Elk Valley Nordic Centre at 7 pm on Sunday for your ice cream prize. More chances for prizes for multi-sports while following the trail rules!

snow to ice banner

Trails (complete in any order)

1. Elk Valley Nordic Centre – sign is located at intersection of the Galloway loop and Grunt/Runt connector. This is a cross-country skiing only trail (no dogs).
2. Montane – sign is located at the Montane Hut. Snow bike, cross-country ski, run, or snowshoe (dogs allowed)
3. Great Northern Trail Extension – sign is located by the fire pit. Snow bike, cross-country ski, run, or snowshoe (dogs allowed), or connect through the Fernie Golf and Country Club trails (cross country ski only, no dogs). See the map HERE – the fire pit is at the top right hand of the map.
4. West Fernie Riverside Dike Trail – sign is located on the park bench (roughly across from the boat launch). Bike, run, snowshoe, or cross-country ski for the more adventurous (dogs allowed)


  1. Obey all trail rules and closures
  2. Photos must include the “Snow to Ice” sign and each participant with a time stamp
  3. Have fun and bring a friend

More prizes are up for grabs by sharing on Facebook, using
the social media hashtags #loveFernie #grizdays #fernienordic
The Fernie Nordic Society trails will be free for non-members Friday March 6th to Sunday March 8th. Good luck to all and enjoy Griz Days!

Disclaimer: The Fernie Nordic Society assumes no liability for individuals participating in the Snow to Ice event. Participate at your own risk, always check the trail conditions, and be prepared. We recommend you do this with a friend, but if you’re going solo, always let a friend know where you’re going and when you’re expected to be back.

Visit the website of Tourism Fernie for more info about activities in Fernie during Griz Days.