Interviews of Fernie Nordic Racers

Wes at Nipika

Article by Aurélie Smithson and Louison Dubief

Hello, here are some experiences shared by our teammates. We interviewed Ella Fuller, Marley Robinson-Shaw, Wes Robinson-Shaw, and Ezra Gibb, they shared their experiences and their goals.

Ella Fuller: Ella started Nordic skiing in kindergarten, with the Jackrabbits. She joined the race team in grade 4, when she was 9 years old. Ella likes the race team because it’s fun, you get to spend time outside, and you get to meet new people in the team and at races. Ella said: ‘’I learned to persevere in races and try my hardest.’’  Her goal is to make the Talent Squad and to compete at a higher level. Ella says: ‘’Always try your hardest.’’

Marley Robinson-Shaw: Marley has been skiing since she was little, she joined the Jackrabbits when she was 6 years old. She has been on the race team for four years, but she had to take a two-year break because of her concussion. Marley said: ‘’ I like many things about this sport, it’s such a great workout, and like my dad says, ‘Why do cross-country skiers chew gum when they race?’, ‘Therefore, they can move every muscle in their body.’ Marley added that cross-country skiing work a lot of muscles and it is very good for you. She also said: ‘’You get to be outside in nature, which is really nice, and races are very fun.’’ From being on the race team, Marley has learned that she must stay motivated and be diligent. It is her responsibility to go to practices and train on her own time. Finally, Marley said: ‘’When you get injured, you must be resilient, and you need to keep trying.’’ Her goal for this season is to not get injured and go to many races. 

Wes Robinson-Shaw: Wes has been skiing since he was 5 years old. He has been on the race team for about six years. Wes said: ‘’I like to race, I like to train, I like the winter because it’s not hot, and I like the people on the race team.’’ He also said that he likes being outside, moving fast in the snow, and having fun on skis. On the race team, Wes learned about hard work, motivation, and skiing. Wes said: ‘’ I would like to make the BC team, have fun and be proud of my races this year. I want to train hard leading up to those races.’’

Ezra Gibb: Ezra has been skiing since he was 4 years old and started the race team when he was 10 years old. Ezra said: “I like the snow and how fast I feel when skiing.” He also said that he enjoys how the team is very supportive and fun. From being on the race team Ezra has learned how stressful it is to be at the start line of a race and how to ski better. His goals are to become a faster skier and go to bigger races.

In conclusion, we thank them for sharing their experiences.

2020 Fernie Community Fun Races

race poster
race poster

The Fernie Nordic Society is holding its 8th Annual Community Fun Race day on Saturday, February 22. All skiers are invited to participate, club members and non-members alike. The overall theme will be FUN and CHEERS for all.

There will be hot food available by donation – bring a bowl and a mug to help us go green(er).

The event will consist of three types of competitions:

  1. Hot Chocolate Run – Adult-Child duo Course length: 1 km for child and 3 km for adult PLANNED START at 10:45
  2. Relay races (random draw) or Solo race Course length: 3 km for each leg – total 12 km PLANNED START at 11:45
  3. Sprint races Course length: 300 m (kids) or 750 m (adults) to be repeated a few times PLANNED START at 12:45

WHEN – Saturday, February 22 from 10:30 am Please arrive by 10:00 to prepare for event

WHERE – Elk Valley Nordic Centre located 4 km SW from Fernie along highway 3. See map here.

AGE REQUIREMENT: None – all ages are welcome

Entry Fee: $0.00 or totally FREE for all participants

REGISTRATION – Online at HERE or on the morning of event. One may participate in more than one event. Registration will be open until event start time.

Click here to register

PARKING Please use the lower parking lot. Parking is also available along the park road on the side of the entrance gate without blocking the gate. See our parking map.

COURSE MAP is available  HERE

Course map

Community Fun Race

Community Fun Race

Come to ski, come to race, or come to cheer! Compete against your friends and enjoy the great trails. This is an annual community event that is really a fun race open to everyone. Participation is free for all skiers, club members or non-members alike, all ages and abilities. We have a short course for fun and quick events: one adult with young skier duos, four skier relays and longer solo multiple loops.

community race

In previous years, there were several categories to choose from, short ones for the young skiers and longer distances for the older kids and adults and even a ‘team’ category with an adult pulling a chariot and a passenger – if teams dare to enter, of course! The keyword here is FUN, so wear a funny hat or costume if you dare!

The event is held at the Elk Valley Nordic Centre near the Mount Fernie Provincial Park. No trail pass required when you enter one of these events. Our goal to make it a fun event for young skiers as well as older ones. Our volunteers are organizing the event and it is FREE to participate.

Details of the event will be announced during the season. Make sure to subscribe to our occasional emails.

Previous Events

Teck Kootenay Cup Races

kootenay cup medal wooden

All the regional races were cancelled during the 2020-2021 season. But they are back
for the 2021-2022 season! The first Teck Kootenay Cup race weekend is on December 11 & 12 2021.
Each finisher, young or adult, accumulates points toward the Cup. Go! Fernie Go!

The Teck Regional Cup series offer affordable, accessible competitive opportunities for developing athletes and are sponsored by Teck throughout B.C. All Regional Cup races offer age-appropriate categories for children 14 years of age and younger, and most offer the full spectrum of categories for skiers of all ages from the CCBC website.

Skiers of the Fernie Nordic Society have participated in the Teck Kootenay Cup series of races every year. Our club has won the Cup in the 2014-2015, 2015-2016, 2017-2018 seasons and again in 2018-2019 in part due to the large participation by the young Fernie Nordic Racers of our own race team as well as by many adult skiers from Fernie. Any FNS club member who participates in these races contributes points for our team. So join in! All dates are posted on our calendar.

Previous events

Second Annual Flying Viking Challenge

Second Annual Flying Viking Challenge

March 11, 2019
Again this year, the Fernie Birkie Flying Viking Challenge was held under some beautiful weather. The event got underway at 9:50 am and all skiers were back at 3:06 pm. Thirty-three participants – two from Calgary and all others from Fernie – took part in this challenge. Six of them skied the entire 50 km with an extra 12 lbs (5.4 kg) in their pack. The young Wes Robinson Shaw completed the 50 km in the Lite category. Others skied 25 km either solo or as part of a team. Prizes, medals and cheers waited for them at the end of the challenge. Wes won the best costume award for his furry outfit topped with an impressive set of antlers.

birkie participants
Happy participants

The results of this event are at HERE

We wish to thank our great sponsors in Fernie: GearHub, StraightLine, Beanpod Chocolate, Heaven Boutique and The Guides Hut

A Viking themed challenge

A Viking themed challenge

Sunday March 10 is our last major event of the season. It is the return of the Fernie Birkie Flying Viking Challenge.

Looking for a challenge? This is a the one, a long one but very casual – unless you don’t want it to be casual, and then feel free to ski like mad!. Excellent prizes, ride(s) on the Deer chair, a lot of yummy food/drinks – all for only $20! Prizes are for costumes and then as door prizes! You have the option to do the full 50 km yourself (2 loops to the ski hill trails and back) with or without the 12 lbs ‘baby’ on your back, or you can share the 50 km with a friend either as a relay or together.

All details are on our event page HERE. Pre-registration is recommended for less stress on our volunteers but doing it on the morning of the event is OK. Wishing lots of fun to all!

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