The Tuesday lesson is cancelled

Hello everyone,

This may be a duplicate message – please excuse our oversight. It relates to the Tuesday lessons only.

Due to the crazy cold weather for Tuesday, we have decided to cancel lessons. I have added another week onto the end of the season (hoping we have snow!) as a makeup.

A couple of housekeeping items. We need parent volunteers to help sweep the groups. I have made a Signup Genius schedule to help with organizing this. If you don’t want to create a signup genius login, feel free to email me what day you would like and I will add you. You should be able to see the schedule regardless. You do not need to sweep the group that your child is in, it can be any group (some parents find it helpful to help a different group)! Please give priority to the younger groups as the Track Attack kids need less help. The role of the sweep is to make sure all the kids in a group are kept between the coach and the sweep and to be a second set of hands in case they are needed.

I’ve also added a Den Parent role to each week. This is usually me, but if I can help with groups, or coaching, I will. The Den Parent role is to stay at the hut with any kids that need a break from their group (usually because they are cold).

If you aren’t able to help sweep, that’s okay. I will aim to fill all the spots and enlist others if needed!

Here is the signup link for the Tuesday lessons:

I hope everyone enjoyed their first week. The Tuesday program is really growing! Thank you so much for supporting our volunteer program!

cell 403-891-8211