Coaches Corner

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Meet our coaches for the 2023 season of our Skill Development Program. All lessons are happening at the Elk Valley Nordic Centre on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

No kids ski on Saturday

Hello everyone,

We had planned a fun group ski on Saturday in place of a formal SDP lesson. But we have decided to cancel it in view of the frigid temperatures that are expected in the morning.

We hope that you will have a good weekend. The Flying Viking Challenge on Sunday morning is our last event of the season. The temps should be milder and you are welcome to come for a ski and to cheer for your favorite Viking! It all starts at 10:30 am on Sunday ending around 3 pm.

Coaches Nancy and Sam

Ski Lesson on Saturday

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Hello to all parents!

It’s been a wonderful season and we’d like to thank you, your kids, and all the volunteers who make the Fernie Nordic Society Skill Development Program such a success.

Saturday March 7th is the last official lesson of the Saturday program! Traditionally we have a dress up day, so open your tickle trunks! The following Saturday we will have an informal lesson for those who are in town from 10:30 to 11:30 like usual. It’s also the Fernie Flying Viking Challenge, so those who are around can also cheer on the viking participants – and please check it out and register at

dressup SDP

Tuesday March 10th is the last official lesson of the Tuesday program and we will dress up as well!

Saturday April 4th @ 10:30 am we invite the entire club to come out for a season finale and another chance to dress up. We will have games to play and fun to be had regardless of the weather! There will also be a BBQ by donation.


Stay tuned for information on ski rental returns and in the meantime, Happy Griz Days! and don’t forget about the Snow-to-Icecream challenge at

from Sam & Nancy and all the volunteer coaches

Fun activities for Saturday morning

race poster

Hello Skill Development Program families!

Sorry for the long email, please bear with me!!

On Saturday February 22nd, we are holding the 8th Annual Community Fun Race. This is a purely fun event meant to bring the entire community together. This event is free for members or non-members and no day pass is required.

race poster

The first event is the Hot Chocolate Run. It will start at 10:45 and takes the place of SDP lessons. A team made of an adult and child will ski from the hut to the intersection of the Jackrabbit loop and the Cedar loop exit (open area). There will be volunteers with a propane fire pit and hot chocolate for the kids. While the kids stay at the firepit, the adult will ski the Lizard Lookout and Cedar loops (approx. 2km), then return to the firepit, pick up their child, and head back to the hut. There will be small prizes for everyone, but the event isn’t timed and is meant to be entirely fun. Please arrive prior to 10:30 just like a normal lesson day – a little earlier would be better if possible!.

It would be wonderful if all SDP kids are able to partner with an adult, but we understand that not all kids have an adult in their life who is able to ski with them. If this is the case, we will partner your child with a coach or a race team member. We may have more than one child with an adult.

After the Hot Chocolate Run, there will be a Relay race followed by a Sprint race. We’d love to see lots of families participating or cheering! Please see more details on our website.

If you would like to participate in all the race events but aren’t sure what to do with the kids while you participate, please contact me. We’d like to offer watch over a group of kids so that everyone gets a chance to take part.

How to take part?

Please use the webscorer sign up at to add your child to the event and let us know if there is an adult to attend with them. Please enter “partner needed” if a coach or race team member will be paired. We will have a special area to meet, and all partnered kids will get a bib per usual lessons.

There will be hot food available by donation. Please bring a bowl and spoon if you would like to participate! All proceeds will go to the race team.

Finally, pass this along to anyone you know. The more the merrier!! Also, if you would like to volunteer in some way, we could always use help corralling the racers!




The Tuesday lesson is cancelled

Hello everyone,

This may be a duplicate message – please excuse our oversight. It relates to the Tuesday lessons only.

Due to the crazy cold weather for Tuesday, we have decided to cancel lessons. I have added another week onto the end of the season (hoping we have snow!) as a makeup.

A couple of housekeeping items. We need parent volunteers to help sweep the groups. I have made a Signup Genius schedule to help with organizing this. If you don’t want to create a signup genius login, feel free to email me what day you would like and I will add you. You should be able to see the schedule regardless. You do not need to sweep the group that your child is in, it can be any group (some parents find it helpful to help a different group)! Please give priority to the younger groups as the Track Attack kids need less help. The role of the sweep is to make sure all the kids in a group are kept between the coach and the sweep and to be a second set of hands in case they are needed.

I’ve also added a Den Parent role to each week. This is usually me, but if I can help with groups, or coaching, I will. The Den Parent role is to stay at the hut with any kids that need a break from their group (usually because they are cold).

If you aren’t able to help sweep, that’s okay. I will aim to fill all the spots and enlist others if needed!

Here is the signup link for the Tuesday lessons:

I hope everyone enjoyed their first week. The Tuesday program is really growing! Thank you so much for supporting our volunteer program!

cell 403-891-8211

Ski Gear Pickup this Saturday

Hi all Bunnyrabbits, Jackrabbits and TrackAttacks!

Saturday morning December 7 is the day of the gear pick up for all those of you who have been fitted already. Please come with your $225 security deposit (one per family) for the gear. A post-dated cheque for April 1, 2020 is prefered but cash, debit or credit will also be accepted.  No Deposit = No Gear  .

Your deposit will be fully refunded when the gear is returned by April 16. After that date, the club will only refund $200.

When:   Saturday, December 7 from 10:00 to 12:00 noon
Where:  in the basement of 542b – 2nd avenue – please enter via the alley behind BoardStiff

We will also have the current membership cards and renewal stickers on hand. If you require only a sticker, please remember to bring your current card.

In case you require an alternate date for the pick up, please let our volunteers know.